"...I really didn't have to do anything as you did it all for me!"

Ladies & Gentlemen: introducing the members of the band!

Niall Mitchell Niall is the caller and band manager. He has years of experience in calling for ceilidhs and is able to encourage all but the most reluctant of dancers to get up and have a try. We often find that the ages of our dancers range from the very young to the not-so-very-young  and Niall is experienced in working with everyone to make sure they get the most out of the event.
Kirsten Baron

Kirsten is the lead musician for the JubJub Ceilidh band. She also plays French dance music with the trio Metadrone; performs and arranges Regency and Playford dance tunes with the Grimstock ensemble; is lead musician for Rampant Rooster Morris in Dorking; and was in the original line-up of Karen Tweed's No.1 Ladies Accordion Orchestra for four happy years.

Kirsten plays a Pigini chromatic button accordion, Alba and Jon Swayne whistles, a Trevor James flute, as well as Jon Swayne border pipes and Dave Shaw smallpipes (but not all at the same time).

In real life, Kirsten is an artist, art teacher and graphic designer. She shares her family and home with eight greyhounds and a lurcher.

Martin Dudley

Martin is responsible for percussion and also plays melodeon and mandolin. His instruments include a Seamus O'Kane bodhran, Oakwood mandolin and a melodeon which he built in France under the tutelage of Emmanuel Pariselle. He also plays with the Grimstock ensemble, and Rampant Rooster Morris.

Martin is an experienced woodturner and also fixes accordions and other broken things.

Rosie Mitchell Rosie is Niall’s dance assistant and demonstrator. She is an experienced ceilidh dancer and caller, having jointly led a Scottish dancing troupe for many years. Rosie will be on the dancefloor to help demonstrate the dances and is always on hand if anyone needs a little bit of extra help.