"Everyone is asking me if we will do it again..."

What to expect from our ceilidhs:

Ceilidh dancing is great fun for all ages and abilities. JubJub can tailor our set to suit your event, whether your guests are completely new to ceilidh dancing or are experienced dancers.

Our experienced caller Niall, with assistance from our dancer Rosie, will introduce each dance, providing appropriately detailed instruction on how the dance progresses to suit your guests’ knowledge of ceilidh dancing. They may also demonstrate various turns and steps.

During each dance, Niall and Rosie will usually join in with the dancers, and Niall will ‘call’ the dance. Niall wears a remote headset which means that his calls can be clearly heard over the band throughout the dance.  Having a caller and professional dancer among your guests helps to ensure that everyone enjoys the dance. Throughout the dance, the band will smoothly transition between two or three traditional tunes according to the requirements of the dance. 

Dances are usually quite active, but we are happy to adapt to meet the abilities of your guests by, for example, including some slower and less intricate dances. Rosie and Niall will often dance with your guests who are less confident, making sure that everyone has a good time.

Typically, dance sets last 30-40 minutes.  The number of dances during that time usually ranges from three to eight, but this depends on the audience.  We usually recommend a 20 minute break between sets to allow your guests to have something to drink or eat, etc.  During breaks, you may wish for the band to play traditional tunes for your guests.

As members of a Surrey morris side, we can also offer a taster session of morris dancing during breaks from the ceilidh!